100 golfers for new Owa of Igbajo Royal tourney

In a grand display of support and admiration for the new, Owa of Igbajo, HRH Oba Dr. A.S.K Makinde, over 100 golfers from all across Nigeria have registered to compete in the Coronation/Royal Kitty at the MicCom Golf Resort in Ada, Osun State on May 25, 2024.

The historic event, which will be the first of its kind under the new Oba’s reign will bring together golfers from all walks of life, including professionals and amateur players, who will compete for coveted prizes and honors in a tournament that promises to be a spectacle to behold.

The MicCom Golf Resort, with its sprawling greens, top-notch facilities, and serene ambiance, provides a fitting backdrop for the tournament, which is expected to be a celebration of incredible golfing talent and skills.

Speaking about the significance of the event, the planning committee chairman Olusegun Adekoya popularly known as ‘Ore-ofe’ expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response from golfers across the country, noting that “it would be an honor to host such a distinguished gathering of golf enthusiasts.”

He added that “the tournament promises to be a unique blend of golf, culture, and royalty, as it also serves as part of HRH Oba Dr. A.S.K Makinde’s coronation ceremony. The event will be attended by a host of dignitaries, including traditional rulers, politicians, business leaders, and golf enthusiasts from far and wide.”

The committee chairman also stressed that “the Coronation/Royal Kitty will be a momentous occasion; one that will go down in the annals of history of golf in Nigeria as a testament to the passion and skills of golfers across the country.”

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