17 Slain Soldiers: I’m innocent of the killings, declares detained traditional ruler

..As Falana faults Army investigation of case

“It’s a shock to me, because I have no hand in such a thing, I do not believe in anything that has got to do with truncating the lives of human being. I am not in any way, shape or form connected to this.”

This is the submission of the traditional ruler of Ewu-Urhobo Kingdom in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, HRM Clement Ikolo, Urukpe 1, who is currently in the custody of the Nigeria Army in Abuja in connection with the killing of 17 soldiers in Okuama on March 14.

His Royal Majesty Clement Ikolo, Urukpe 1, made this strong and passionate submission shortly after he surrendered himself to the police and was taken to Abuja by the Nigeria Army.

The monarch stated that, it’s unthinkable for him to get involved in such a hineous crime. “This morning to the greatest of my surprise, I saw my name on the list of people wanted in connection with this hideous crime.”

The revered monarch went further to explain that he is miles away from his Kingdom and the scene of the crime. “Let it be stated clearly here, that I haven’t been able, even as a monarch, I haven’t been able to access the Kingdom till date. I got my staff of office on the 26th of November, prior to getting my staff of office, it’s been turbulent.”

“The Government is sufficiently aware of my position, and I’m really really surprised and taken aback that my name as the monarch of the Kingdom will appear in the list of wanted persons.
“I have no hand in killings, I have no hand in encouraging anybody to kill anybody, it is against my philosophy and it is against my faith as a Catholic, it is against it. He added.

His Royal Majesty Clement Ikolo, Urukpe 1, is therefore calling on the Federal Government, through the Nigeria Police to carry out a comprehensive and thorough investigation into the March 14 killing and the perpetrators brought to book.

“This is a serious crime against humanity and they need to look at the appropriate places, they need to do a thorough investigation to know all those who have committed this and bring them to book.” The King said.

Meanwhile, Abraham Ogbodo, a prominent leader in Niger Delta, has reacted after Clement Ikolo the king of Ewu Kingdom who was declared wanted by the Army in connection with the killing of soldiers in Okuama community, turned himself in to the authorities.

In a video recently shared on YouTube by Arise TV, Ogbodo said King Ikolo who recently relocated from London to assume the throne resides very far away from the crime scene. He stressed the importance of conducting a thorough investigation to determine the culprits involved in the crime.

In Ogbodo’s words: “The man you are linking to this crime relocated from London to take the throne and he is far away physically from the scene of the crime. His only connection is that he happens to be the traditional ruler of a Kingdom of which Okuama is a community or a satellite village.”

Abraham Ogbodo’s sentiments are also shared by the Head Coach of the gold medal winning Scrabble ‘Team Nigeria’ at the just concluded 13th African Games in Accra, Ghana, Prince Sir Anthony Ikolo and Mrs. Theresa Florence Saniyo Asiuwhu Ofose.

Mrs. Theresa Florence Saniyo Asiuwhu Ofose who is one of the eldest members of the family of Ekrorhue where his Royal Highness King Clement Oghenerukevwe Ikolo hailed from, stated that the King is a peace loving leader.

“Oghenerukevwe Clement Ikolo has been a peaceful man from his youth. He fears to fight even in his school days. Since he got married had children, we have never heard any complain from his wife one day, neither has he caused any trouble to his parents and our entire family.” Theresa Florence Saniyo Asiuwhu Ofose, emphasized.

Prince Sir Anthony Ikolo, said the family and the entire Ewu-Urhobo kingdom is deeply saddened by the loss of the 17 officers and soldiers.

“Our condolences to their family, friends, the Nigeria Army and the entire nation over this sad and unfortunate loss. Words are not enough to express our feeling.” Prince Sir Ikolo stressed.

In a related development, the move by the Defence Headquarters to declare the murder suspects wanted is completely illegal and has come under heavy criticizism by a legal icon and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Femi Falana.

“Let the Federal Government direct the Defence Headquarters to hand over the investigation of the suspects involved in the gruesome murder of the 17 officers and soldiers. It ought to be pointed out that murder is not a Military offence to warrant investigation by the Defence Headquarters. If the Federal Government fails to call the Defence Headquarters to order, the case concerning the tragic murder of the soldiers will be completely buggled.”

The above statement was made by the human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, SAN, in response to the eight persons declared wanted in connection with the killing of 17 soldiers in the Okuama community in Delta State by the Army.

17 military personnel comprising a Lieutenant Colonel, two Majors, one Captain, and 12 soldiers were killed while on a “Peacekeeping Mission” in the Okuama community on March 14.

Reacting to their death during their burial ceremony on Wednesday last week, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu promised to punish perpetrators of the heinous crime.

The President advised and Urged the elders and chiefs of Okuama to help the military in fishing out the gunmen who committed the barbaric crime.

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