AFN crisis: Gusau uprooted from grass-root

.Sacked as Zamfara Athletics Association chairman

By George Aluo

Home trouble! That is what impeached Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) boss, Engr Ibrahim Shehu Gusau is now facing from his primary constituency, the Zamfara Athletics Association.

Reports coming out Zamfara disclosed that Engr Gusau has been removed as chairman of the state athletics association.

Zamfara state Directorate of Sports Development announced the removal of Engr Ibrahim Shehu Gusau as chairman of the State Athletics Association.

In a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) dated August 17,2020 and signed by Isikaya Magaji Shameel,the Zamfara state Director of Sports, Gusau was removed after ‘extensive deliberations’ by the management and stakeholders of the state athletics association and that Honourable Jamilu Aliyu Zannan Gusau has been duly appointed as the Chairman of Zamfara Athletics Association.

Honourable Zannan Gusau’s appointment,according to the state’s director of sports was in line with the guidelines governing the appointment of Zamfara Athletics Association chairman.

With this development,Engr Ibrahim Gusau who has dragged the Federal Ministry of Sports,the Honourable Sports Minister,Mr Sunday Dare and the AFN Secretary General to court over his suspension and subsequent impeachment by the board of the AFN will cease to be a member of the federation’s board.

Engr Gusau will also have to relinguish his position as president of the AFN following his removal as he ceases to be the zonal representative of the North West zone on the board of the federation,a position which allowed him to contest for the presidency of the AFN in 2017.

The North West zone will now hold a bye election where a new zonal representative will be elected into the board of the AFN while the congress of the federation will decide wether Honourable Olamide George,its vice president will be asked to act until new elections are held or he becomes the substantive president.

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