African Football League: Enyimba, stop these excuses, you can win in Morocco!

By Desmond Ekwueme

After failing to cash on the first leg “home advantage” (if it still exists in today’s football) to convincingly beat Wydad Athletic Club of Morocco in Uyo, here we are entertaining excuses of failure.

What’s our business with flight delay by Moroccan authorities? Is it the first time this is happening? Clubs and countries in Africa use these antics and tactics to frustrate opponents who want to be frustrated.

If you ask me, I honestly think, Enyimba Int’l FC is bigger than such frustration, antics or tactics judging by their experience and exposure in African football.

Let’s stop looking for excuses. Didn’t Enyimba Int’l FC conquer Africa in 2003 and 2004 in the Champions League? Weren’t North African clubs involved in both competitions which Enyimba won back to back? Didn’t Enyimba win both trophies away from home amidst hostilities from North African clubs?

So why this flimsy excuse of delayed flight, this and that? If Enyimba had whipped Wydad by 4-0 in Uyo, will there be this talk about delayed flight or antics of Moroccan officials?

In football, you prepare adequately in all ramifications and take your chances. Utilize your opportunities to avoid excuses of failure.

Didn’t Enyimba crash out of the ongoing CAF Champions League playing a lacklustre goalless draw at home after losing 4-3 away to Ahly Benghazi? Was delayed flight the cause of that shambolic performance?

Truth be told, something is wrong with our football. Rather than fix it, the NFF is pretending as if all is well thus, disgracing themselves and our clubs in the continent. Weren’t Remo Stars equally sent packing from the ongoing CAF Champions League?

We should learn to prepare well for tournaments and take our chances. That’s what the North Africans do. No excuses for failure. Beat your opponents mercilessly if you have the opportunity then, go into the next fixture full of and filled with confidence.

But come to think of it, is there any law that says Enyimba cannot beat Wydad silly in Morocco? So why this panic and excuse? It doesn’t appear like playing under protest which is tantamount to accepting defeat even before the game.

Why would you accept defeat even before you lace your boots? Why don’t you believe that if Wydad could win 0-1 in Uyo, you could equally beat them 0-3 in Casablanca or Rabat?

Please go and win in Morocco. Many of us believe you can. We don’t want these excuses.

Enough said!!!

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