Anthony Kim: American Ryder Cup player opens up on 12-year absence from golf

American Ryder Cup player Anthony Kim says he fell victim to “scam artists” and “snakes” during a 12-year absence from professional golf.

The 38-year-old American, a one-time PGA Tour breakthrough star, recently joined the Saudi-backed LIV Golf.

Kim disappeared from the sport after a string of injuries from 2010-2012, and says he suffered “very dark moments”.

“I’m not going to lie, I was around some bad people,” Kim added in a revealing interview with LIV.

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“People that took advantage of me. Scam artists. And when you’re 24 or 25, even 30 years old, you don’t realise the snakes that are living under your roof.”

In 2008, Kim became the first American under the age of 25 since Tiger Woods to win two PGA Tour events in the same year.

Kim was the youngest member of the United States’ victorious 2008 Ryder Cup side, taking two-and-a-half points from four matches at the age of 23 during Europe’s defeat at Valhalla.

In the years that followed, the former world number six had multiple injuries, leading to a spinal fusion, shoulder surgeries and a hand operation.

“Golf is important to me and not important to me at the same time,” Kim said.

“I’ve had some very dark moments. I’ve had some very low moments.

“I’ve felt very alone, even when there’s a million people around. I needed to get my mind straight and figure out what my purpose was on this planet.”

Kim’s return to professional golf ended in a 16-over finish at the LIV event in Jeddah last month.

He improved to finish three-over at the next event in Hong Kong and will play in the US for the first time in his comeback when the breakaway tour goes to Miami this week.

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