Benin Republic pro wrestling inauguration, timely, says Olukoya

..Commends Florida based Golden Wrestling Federacy for it's support

Photo: Olusesan Olukoya with Director of Sports Okry Nonvignon and Bienvenu Vodounou

The Secretary General of the Pro Wrestling Africa (PWA) Olusesan Olukoya, a body established with the vision of creating a Mecca of exciting world class modern day professional wrestling within Africa, Olusesan Olukoya has described the just concluded inauguration of professional wrestling in Benin. Are public as not only timely but will help in further development of the mats man game in the West Coast of Africa.
“We at Pro Wrestling Africa (PWA) are so excited that professional wrestling has been inaugurated in Benin Republic. Nigeria as a nation has been showcasing pro wrestling internationally since the late 60s In Africa, while our neighboring nation of Benin Republic has no semblance of the sport.
” We think that is not good enough, so we have to do the needful and reached out to the concerned authority at the ‘’Ministry du Sports” Cotonou in Benin who are so keen about the process. “Currently the four African countries involved in big time professional wrestling are Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa and Congo Democratic Republic while others like Zimbabwe, Angola, Botswana are gradually coming up.
“All we can do is to see to the inauguration of professional wrestling among the other African nations which is gradually happening now’’ explained Olukoya.
He also explained that the inauguration coming few months to the wrestling training coming up in Togo next year is an indication that the sports is gaining recognition in all countries of the African continent.
“I can say that it is timely to inaugurate pro wrestling in Benin Republic considering the training coming up in Togo come February 2024 which will feature the Benin Team.
“All these are gearing up towards developing the game of Professional Wrestling in West Africa where the Pro Wrestling Africa (PWA) in collaboration with the Golden Wrestling Federacy (GWF) has scheduled training of West African wrestlers in Togo.
He was particularly grateful to Golden Wrestling Federacy, Florida, USA for it’s support in further developing professional wrestling in Africa.
“We are grateful to the management of Golden Wrestling Federacy (GWF) based in Florida USA for the logistic supports which facilitated the process of traveling to Benin Republic with lots of Golden Boy/ GWF souvenirs face caps, T-shirts, wrist bands, stickers, badges, pins and so on.
“We also want to appreciate the world body we are affiliated with, Allied Independent Wrestling Federations (AIWF), the Director of Sports and Sports Training, Sports Ministry in Benin Republic, Okry Christophe Nonvignon.
” It’s a thing of joy that he handed over the Benin Professional Wrestling Association to Bienvenu Vodounou, the Président Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, Bénin Republic to see to it, that the sports is established in other states in Benin and then give him report while working with Pro Wrestling Africa (PWA) to see to the growth and development of the sport in Benin Republic.
“We are also grateful to Roland Sabidare of the Ministry of Sports in Cotonou, Benin, Kinmabou Romaric and Adounkbe Radegonde who are associates of Bienvenu Vodounou.
Benin Republic is a French-speaking West African nation of 13 million people with 42 ethnic groups. The largest groups are the Fon, the Yoruba, and the Adjara.
Most Beninese are Christians or follow traditional beliefs, including voodoo. While about 20 percent of the people are Muslims. The West African country of Benin is divided into twelve different states, which are officially called “departments” in the Beninese system of government.
The twelve departments are: Alibori, Atakora, Atlantique, Borgou, Collines, Kouffo, Donga, Littoral, Mono, Oueme, Plateau, and Zou.

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