Customers thumbs up MultiChoice’s We’ve Got You campaign


With the gradual ease of the lockdown orders imposed by both the Federal and state governments to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), economic activities have been hugely disrupted. On account of the disruption, incomes have stopped or shrunk, forcing many Nigerians, especially in the lower income bracket, to trim or completely stop spending on some items. A balm to the economic injuries is, however, being applied by MultiChoice Nigeria through its recently launched We’ve Got You campaign.

We’ve Got You campaign, according to the company, is its way of showing appreciation to its loyal DStv and GOtv customers for their support and patronage during these challenging times. The campaign, which runs from 20 April to 30 June, offers active and disconnected DStv and GOtv customers the opportunity to enjoy discounts and get upgraded to the next viewing package when they pay the fee of their current package. All active and disconnected DStv customers on Compact Plus, Compact, Confam, Family, Yanga and Access packages get discounts of up to 44 per cent.

Also, customers on these GOtv packages: GOtv Jolli, GOtv Plus, GOtv Jinja, Value and Lite packages, are being rewarded with discounts of up to 75 per cent. In addition, they all get wider access to the best of the latest news, local movies, sports, drama series, kiddies, and general entertainment that pay-television have to offer.

Some DStv and GOtv customers have been providing feedback one month into the campaign. The respondents commended the pay-television operator for showing solidarity with them during this unprecedented time and assisting them in mitigating the economic impact. Some others also lauded the company for providing classic retro events for them to re-live during this period.

Rotimi Aderele, a DStv subscriber, stated that the upgrade of his package from Compact Plus to Premium – the platform’s highest package – has helped him and his family cope better with the lockdown. “It’s been tough staying indoors. But it could have been much tougher without quality entertainment such that I get through new programmes on DStv. My daughter, who cannot go to the crèche, hasn’t missed anything. She has more than enough programmes for her pleasure and education,” he said.

Akudo Duru, a DStv Confam subscriber, said the discount has given her access to some programmes that were previously inaccessible for her due to her package.

“I’ve repeatedly seen the advert of the Africa Magic series, Unbroken, and I always wanted to watch the programme but I haven’t been able because it’s not available on my package. Even if I wanted to upgrade, COVID-19 would not have allowed it. I’m feeling the pinch in my finances. But DStv gave me a pleasant surprise by upgrading me to Compact bouquet and I have been watching the programme,” she said.

Tajudeen Majolagbe, a DStv Access subscriber, said he has spent the lockdown gorging himself on a diet of Nollywood movies available on some of the channels on his upgraded DStv Yanga package.

“Well, staying indoors is certainly not easy.  But it has been made considerably more bearable by access to many Nigerian movies on Africa Magic Epic and ROK. I’m a big fan of local movies and I’ve watched some of the great old movies shown, as well as those from the new school of actors,” he said.

It has also been a similar endorsement of the We’ve Got You campaign by GOtv subscribers.

Femi Ashaolu, a GOtv Jolli subscriber, is excited by array of programmes available on the over 75-channel GOtv Max, the platform’s premium package.

“I paid my normal N2,500 for GOtv Jolli and have unhindered access to all channels on GOtv Max. I’m enjoying the lockdown at home,” he said.

Another subscriber, Wale Abdullahi, explained that he is excited that he can re-watch some epic football matches from leagues in Europe as a result of the upgrade of his package from GOtv Plus to GOtv Jolli.

“This offer by GOtv has given me the chance to watch some of the interesting old football matches. My favourite channel currently is SuperSport 3 because of all the old Champions League games, especially all the finals from 2005. With not much to do during this lockdown, this GOtv offer came at the right time for me.”

Dupe Kalejaiye, a GOtv Value subscriber, expressed delight over being able to view quality African entertainment since she was boosted to GOtv Jinga package.

“I want to specially thank GOtv and MultiChoice for this token of appreciation to us their customers during this tough period. The package upgrade offer is remarkable during this time of pandemic, providing we, the customers, the opportunity to watch more interesting programmes,” she said.

As the lockdown remains in partial effect across Nigeria, the We’ve Got You campaign is still open to all active or disconnected customers on any of these DStv packages: DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Confam, Family, Yanga and Access. Also, customers on these GOtv packages: GOtv Jolli, GOtv Plus, GOtv Jinja, Value and Lite packages, are eligible for this offer.

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