Easter celebration: NBBF calls for sober reflection


The board of the Nigeria Basketball Federation headed by its president, Engr Musa Kida has enjoined all Christians to use this period as a time of sober reflection and pray for the world.

In its Easter message, he said as the world is being ravaged by the Coronavirus pandemic with close to 2 million cases reported globally, the Easter period has provided an ample opportunity for Christians to come together and offer prayers to God.

“To all our Christian brothers and sisters out there, the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has provided another opportunity for the world to wage a spiritual war against coronavirus.”

Speaking on behalf of the board, he congratulated Christians for witnessing another Easter celebration as he said being alive to witness another is privilege which they must be thankful for.

Engr Kida stressed the need for strict adherence to the directives of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and medical practitioners in stemming the spread of the dreaded virus.

“As various governments of the world and world bodies are working round the clock to unravel the coronavirus mystery, we must also play our parts as individuals. Maintain good hygiene, wash your hands often, use alcohol based sanitizers as much as possible while observing social distancing.”

He believes that if things are to get back to normal, there is a need for everybody to play a critical role and adhere to stipulated health guidelines.

“This is another phase and it will be over soon if we all play our parts. We just have to stay positive, if you suspect that you have the Covid-19 symptoms, isolate yourself and reach out to National Centre for Disease Control and not endanger people around us.”

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