Fencing: I want to be Olympic champion, Turkey’s Erolcevik declares after Riyadh feat

By George Aluo

Turkey’s Doruk Erolcevik has declared that his ultimate ambition is become an Olympic champion after winning gold in the men’s epee in Riyadh at the ongoing Junior and Cadet World Championships.

The fencer was quoted by FIE official website as saying that his vision is to rule the Olympic.

In his words…”My family is so proud of me and I’m proud for my country. My goal is to be Olympic champion.”

Ukraine’s Anna Maksymenko won gold medal in the cadet women’s category.

Today’s competitions, on the fifth day of 18 individual and team events taking place from April 12 to 20, included 129 women and 146 men and are being held at the King Saud University Sports Arena.

Maksymenko faced USA’s Sharika Gajjala in the final bout of cadet women’s individual epee, winning with a 15-13 score. In the semifinal round, Gajjala won against Ukraine’s Emily Conrad, 15-7, while Maksymenko defeated China’s Huishuang Jiang, 15-10.

“I feel really happy because this is the last cadet year in my career”, said Maksymenko. “This was my dream, to win this gold medal. I was on the World Championships podium two years ago with the silver, and for today I won gold. The most difficult part for me today was after the pools, I felt really tired and I talked with my coach and he calmed me down and then everything went good. This means a lot for my country and I’m really happy with this result.”

Erolcevik faced Egypt’s Eslam Osama in the final bout of cadet men’s individual epee, winning with a 15-13 score. In the semifinal round, Osama won against USA’s Alexander Bezrodnov, 10-9, while Erolcevik defeated Italy’s Federico Varone, 14-10.

“I feel so great to be world number one … I can’t explain it, you can just feel it”, said Erolcevik.

Final rankings in cadet women’s epee included Anna Maksymenko (UKR, gold), Sharika Gajjala (USA, silver), Emily Conrad (UKR, bronze), Huishuang Jiang (CHN, bronze), Anna Szilard (HUN), Mariachiara Testa (ITA), Laura Misiak (POL) and Arina Zakharova (AIN).

Final rankings in cadet men’s epee rankings included Doruk Erolcevik (TÜR, gold), Eslam Osama (EGY, silver), Alexander Bezrodnov (USA, bronze), Federico Varone (ITA, bronze), Ole Petersen (GER), Kerkko Jarvi (FIN), Elisei Pisarev (AIN) and Noam Duchene (FRA).

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