Gidi Giants turned up the heat once more to sweep WABC Phase 1

Gidi Giants showcased their supremacy in Phase 1 of the West African Basketball Classics, securing their fourth consecutive victory by defeating Swallows 51-64. This commanding performance not only earned them maximum points but also established them as the team to beat in Phase 2, scheduled to be held in Benin Republic.

Despite Swallows’ initial resilience, Gidi Giants, the clear favorites, asserted their dominance. The first quarter saw Swallows putting up a strong fight, but Gidi Giants gradually asserted control, showcasing the traits of true champions.

The second quarter marked a turning point as Gidi Giants seized the lead, maintaining a formidable advantage throughout the tournament. Praise Obiora’s stellar performance with 12 points was instrumental, supported by Isaac Ezekiel and Aribo Kunle, who ensured a convincing victory.

Swallows can take pride in their performance, as they remained competitive against the tournament’s top team. Their resilience bodes well for an improved showing in Phase 2.

As Gidi Giants prepare for the next phase, they are reminded to maintain their high standards. Continuous improvement will be crucial, as they are now the team to beat, based on their dominant display in Phase 1.

Star Players:

Gidi Giants
– Praise Obiora: 12 points, 3 assists
– Isaac Ezekiel: 8 points, 2 assists
– Aribo Kunle: 8 points, 2 assists

– Godwin Adjamah: 14 points, 3 assists
– Irchaad Ali-Diabate: 10 points, 3 assists
– Louis Amenti: 9 points, 1 assist

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