Imo Guber: Ngor Okpala Needs To Play Strategic Politics For Political, Economic Emancipation -Ochiagha Nnanna Okere

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The Coordinator/Convener Imo Diaspora Support For Governor Hope Uzodimma, Ochiagha Nnanna Okere has advised the people of Ngor Okpala local government area (LGA) of Imo State to be strategic in their choice of governor in the forthcoming November 11, gubernatorial election in the state, insisting that Governor Hope Uzodimma remains the best choice for the LGA.

Okere warned against making decisions on who becomes the next governor of the state based on sentiments and primordial consideration, saying the choice must be made looking at the future of the local government and the state.

Taking a cursory look at all the gubernatorial candidates for the election, he concluded that in terms of experience, capacity, and delivery of dividends of democracy especially in the provision of infrastructure in the state Governor Hope Uzodimma stands very good chance of re-election and urged his Ngor Okpala people not to waste their vote for candidates and political parties that does not stand any chance of winning the election.

He noted that while the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government is banking on the signature projects of Governor Uzodimma to canvass for votes, the opposition parties are relaying on the politically induced insecurity in the state to campaign against the incumbent government.

“With the wonderful performance of the governor in infrastructural development which have earned him endorsement from all three senatorial zones of the state, he is the man to beat,” he added.

He noted that another strategy the APC is using to get votes from Imolites is the reintroduction of Imo Charter of Equity which was abandoned and its abandonment had made it possible for a particular zone to keep producing the governor of the state at the disadvantage of other zones. He said the APC government is selling the narrative that after another four years of Governor Hope Uzodimma, power will shift to another zone probably Owerri zone, adding that Imo Charter of Equity is gaining currency day by day.

Noting that political pundits have already predicted that the incumbent Governor Hope Uzodimma will most likely emerge victorious at the poll, he said Ngor Okpala people must have to choose between voting for continuity, competence and capacity or voting on the basis of the sentiments that “it is the turn of Owerri Zone or our son is on the ballot” that have held the area down for years.

He said that in taking that decision, Ngor Okpala people must remember that the reward system is the order of the day where local governments and zones are rewarded based on their electoral value and role in achieving victory.

He regretted the fact that most Ngor Okpala people are of the opinion that apart from individual benefits of so many of their people working directly with the governor the local government area has nothing to show in term of infrastructural development from the APC led government to warrant the people to back Uzodimma’s re-election project. While acknowledging that party leaders and elders from Ngor Okpala including Barr. George Ekeh and Dr. T.E.O. Ekechi had in the past drawn attention to the bad state of the roads in the area, he however advised that the people should listen to elders like Prince Lemmy Akakim, Deputy Chairman of Owerri Zone Council of Elders, who revealed recently that under Imo Charter of Equity, the next governor after Uzodimma could come from Ngor Okpala and should therefore vote for Uzodimma who is likely to win and facilitate the emergence of governor from the LGA in 2027.

He said that Ngor Okpala should not only vote Uzodimma, but should ensure they vote well by voting for him overwhelmingly.

He noted that Okenze S.I. Obinna recently promised that Ngor Okpala would give Uzodimma over 80 percent of their votes but said with the defection of Hon. Bede Eke, a former federal lawmaker, Chief Emma Nwaorgu and others from opposition PDP to APC, the voting bar should be raised to over 95 percent for APC. “This will put Ngor Okpala in a position to bargain from the position of strength rather than position of weakness or vulnerability. It will be a political suicide for Ngor Okpala due to primordial sentiments to give APC 50 percent votes or so and share the remaining with other political parties while other local government areas in Owerri zone, Okigwe zone or even Orlu zone may be turning over 90 to 95 percent votes to APC and expect to be taken seriously in the scheme of things after the election,” he warned.

He said with Akakim’s revelation about the possibility of Ngor Okpala producing governor in 2027 it means the marginalization outcry of Ngor Okpala in the scheme of things in Imo State may have been heard by all and sundry. Based on this, he said what Ngor Okpala people need to do is to work hard and play good politics by ensuring that APC wins convincingly during the election.

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