By Sunny Ndukwu

“Unless we love the truth, we cannot know it”

Some have mounted firewall against the truth about Imo state Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

They may hear the fact, but go deaf. Like the biblical Prophet Daniel, when they read it, they don’t understand. When they feel, they become like Apostle Paul’s prophecy about this age and men whose consciences have been pierced with a hot iron.

As the 2023 electioneering draws near, particularly the Imo governorship that will be following shortly after, interests are already renting the air by some politicians jostling for the number one seat of power in the state. The schemings and consultations are seemingly evident going by the activities of some individuals. What remains uncertain is the political platform with which some of them would contest the election.

Of a truth, the two major political parties in Imo state that are routed across the length and breadth of the state are the All Progressives Congress, APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, but recently the wave around Labour Party has come to upstage the position of APGA in the South East. However anyone may see or interpret the political situation in Imo, the only reliable Party to wrestle power from the pernicious ruling APC remains the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

What borders most people is the leadership style of the Engr Charles Ugwu led State Working Committee which appears to be operating under the dominant influence of one man. A Party established on the principle of democracy to offer equal opportunity to all members has suddenly been cowed under the dictates of one man who constitutes himself an umpire, superimposing his whims and caprices on the Party leadership like a slave master. This is the trend that may mar the prospect of PDP in rescuing Imo if it remains unabated.

There is this popular quote in politics, ” the more, the merrier”. But in the case of Imo state PDP, the closed door leadership mentality may be her albatross.

Once anyone is discovered to be nursing same ambition with their presumed “owner of Imo PDP” the attack dogs will be unleashed on the person via various social media platforms in their desperate bid to vent their anger or dissuade the person from taking further steps in pursuit of his ambition. No one cares to know if you are a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP or possess the capacity to win the election, rather the mandate is to attack any aspirant wishing to contest for governorship against the sealed choice of Charles UGWU led State Exco. Let the SWC not be unmindful of the consequences that will result from the agitations brewing around this attitudes.

In a recent discussion with a close associate though from the opposition political party, APC, we shared thoughts on the 2023 governorship contest in the state. In our conversation, he inquired to know interested aspirants who may likely contest the governorship primaries in PDP. While I was taking my time to list some names of likely party members who might indicate interest in the race, he interrupted me by saying ” do you think anyone is ready to throw his money around in PDP that is controlled by one man”. At this point I demanded a rebuttal of such derogatory remark against Imo state PDP.

Then it became dawn on me the kind of impression the opposition political parties has about Imo PDP. They view the party as a private business of an individual who determines who gets what and as at when due.

In another instance, In my further conversation with him, i unearthed my discussion with a top politician in the state who confided in me in 2021 about his governorship ambition and his fears of rejoining PDP to pursue his aspiration. When I insisted to know his challenge of rejoining PDP to pursue his ambition, he disclosed that most of the state exco members of the party were appointees in the seven (7) months administration of Chief Emeka Ihedioha and by extension will always do his bid since he is also re-contesting the governorship ticket under the platform of the party.

To me, this revelation is a confirmation of the trending reports that Ihedioha singlehandedly influenced the composition of both the state working Committee of the party as well as most LGA excos. No wonder serious minded politicians who are nursing governorship ambition in the state distance themselves from Imo PDP.

Ofcos, nobody would like to invest his capital in a project that in return will not generate profit.

Methinks, there is nothing wrong in one aspiring for an elective position in a political party you belong as it is your civic responsibility but on the contrary and for purposes of clarity there is every need to ask some salient questions: Is Imo PDP Guber Ticket IHEDIOHA’S BIRTHRIGHT?

To be modest in my submission, the outcry over Ihedioha’s third term guber candidacy come 2023 is all about hypocrisy. What is the fairness or balancing by their estimation. Yes it is Ihedioha’s right to offer himself to be elected as the party’s flagbearer ahead of the 2023 general election.

But he should also appreciate that the Imo PDP has been extremely generous to him. He served twelve years at the National Assembly ( House of Representatives). The party gave him support when he clinched the guber ticket in 2014. Also, in 2018, the party also threw their weight behind him when he emerged as the candidate of the party.

PDP has been his solid platform. But he should understand that his personal ambition cannot consume the interest of the party.

The party is Supreme. Ihedioha has emerged as the party’s guber candidate for two consecutive periods, demanding a third term ticket in 2023 is nothing but desperation and a confirmation of the speculation that Imo PDP is his private business.

The Imo PDP Guber Ticket as regards 2023 is not Ihedioha’s Birthright, his bid to recontest the guber primaries for the third time and the sentiment that he is the party’s sole candidate is demarketing the party.

If he insists on re-contesting the party’s guber primaries then he should proceed and get ready for a serious contest this time around. He should also desist from using statutory organs of the party to convene meetings in his private residence. Elected party officers ranging from the state, zone, LGA and Wards should be allowed to excercise their constitutional rights enshrined in the party’s constitution. At the moment, since Ihedioha is amongst the governorship aspirants under the platform of Imo PDP, no party elected officer should be afraid of any sanction should incase you decide to pitch your tent with your choice guber aspirant. Party officers are free to interface with any governorship aspirant on invitation.

The party is indeed Supreme…..

Sir Sunny Ndukwu, KSM, journalist, public affairs analyst and Director, Media & Strategy, Divine Mandate Movement, DMM

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