Maduka calls for cooperation in battle against COVID-19

By George Aluo

United State based Nigerian medical doctor cum philanthropist Dr Godwin Maduka has called for total cooperation in the battle against Covid-19.

Maduka in a statement made available to the media noted that to stop Covid-19 from spreading, even as government gradually ease lockdown, all stakeholders must be on the same page.

“While countries all over the world, including Nigeria, relax lockdown measures to cushion the effect of Covid 19 on the economy, it is clear we need to take strong measures to stay safe. My earlier clamour for  social distancing and compliance to guidelines on staying safe would seem to have been engaged with a pinch of salt. This has led to  community transmissions in some places. This is not a time to play politics but to come together and fight the virus.”

The Anambra State born physician said he is satisfied with the steps so far taken by the various states and federal government is to stop the community spread of the deadly virus.

“It is important to again like I have always done extend kudos to the presidential taskforce, the NCDC, the Federal Government and our state governments for their efforts so far.  I have been informed that the Governor of my home state; Anambra State has been proactive in safeguarding Anambrians From COVID 19. Judging from his antecedent as a problem solver, I can authoritatively say that my Governor is a fighter and I believe the Lion in him will surface  again to continue to offer courageous leadership this difficult time.”

Maduka who it would be noted bailed out 182 communities in Anambra State with palliative worth millions of naira stressed that time has come for Nigeria to look inward for a medical solution to Covid-19.

“Going forward, I expect Nigeria to be in the fore of exploring the localization of the search for a cure, given the abundance of trado-medical and nutritional knowledge that thrives amongst the myriad of cultures that make up our country. The collaboration between the traditional and the modern hands of medical practice is paramount at this time.

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