MultiChoice broadcasts uLesson educational content on DStv, GOtv

With schools still closed as part of efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, MultiChoice Nigeria has commenced airing a new educational content, uLesson, to help keep young minds engaged on its DStv and GOtv platforms.

The programme, which commenced on 8 June, is broadcast every weekday on Africa Magic Family (DStv 154 and GOtv channel 2) at 4pm.

uLesson is an intensive study programme which offers students in SS1, SS2 and SS3 a holistic learning experience in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics preparing them for Senior Secondary School Exams.

Students will in 19 episodes be taught mathematical concepts such as algebra, linear equations, the trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine and tangent), perimeter and area of plane shapes, they will also learn the importance of rounding off numbers, laws of surds, operations on matrices, gradients and so much more.

How to recognize, classify and name living things, explore usefulness of food, roles of enzymes, photosynthesis, animal nutrition, support in animals and ecology, the reproductive system in plants, asexually-reproducing invertebrates, reproduction in humans and so much more will be taught to students in eight episodes during the Biology lessons.

Chemistry students will in 16 episodes be introduced to topics such as such as the different forms of matter, how separation techniques like sieving, magnetic separation, sublimation, decantation centrifugation, filtration, precipitation, evaporation, separating funnel method and crystallization are used to separate mixture, the history and natural occurrence of carbon and an introduction to the periodic table.

Physics students will learn more in 14 episodes about objects around them, the basic theories of how particles that make up matter respond to forces and energy around them, they will also learn the components of motion and forces, applications of light and other electromagnetic waves, renewable and non-renewable energy sources and so much more.

Speaking on the introduction of the programme, John Ugbe, Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, said:  “We continue to broaden our content offering to ensure our customers enjoy the best available programming on our platforms.”

“Despite the prevailing circumstances, we believe students should continue to have access to quality educational resources on our DStv and GOtv platforms at no extra cost. The uLesson educational content offers students learning tools which will help broaden their skills and encourage learning from the comfort of their homes,” Ugbe added.

For more information on this educational content, visit www.dstvafrica.com or www.gotvafrica.com to renew or switch packages. Download the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps from the iOS and Android store to access self-service options.

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