One Year Anniversary: Labour Party carpets Tinubu, lampoons his administration for hyper inflation

By Everest Ezihe, Owerri

As most Nigerians are still basking in the euphoria of celebrating the one year anniversary of the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress, (APC) led Federal Government, one of the main opposition parties, Labour Party, (LP) has carpeted the government and lampooned the administration over an alleged suffering of Nigerians.

Barr. Callistus Ihejiagwa, the Imo State Chairman of Labour Party disclosed this in his office at the Party’s Secretariat along Whethral Road Owerri on Wednesday during an exclusive interview with Newstap.com.ng

According to the party chieftain, “there’s no celebration of any kind for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s one year in office anywhere in Nigeria and particularly in Imo State noting that people are not happy but rather hungry and angry, asking euphorically; what then is their rationale for celebrating, when the economy is in total shamble.

“A lot of families cannot afford one square meal a day. Most parents can no longer send their children to school. Many industries and companies have closed down. The future of the nation looks bleak and frightening.

“Here in Imo State, her major Industries are hotels and tourism. Majority have closed down, the remaining ones are not functioning optimally because the cost of running businesses have gone astronomically high, to an extent that the business can no longer be sustained.

” Obviously, am not aware of any celebration, the only thing I know is that Nigerians across political party line are suffering, because this economic hardship doesn’t respect any party affiliation, nor does it respect any body whether you’re in PDP, APGA , LP , APC or SDP or any other political party.

“We all buy from the same market, fuel for now is between N850 -900 per liter ; even some days it’s N950 , so you can imagine the level of bitterness and frustration, which has no dichotomy or regards for political affiliation.

The only thing is that few of us that are still alive should be grateful to God for keeping us alive. It’s a gospel truth that between May 29th 2023 and now, many Nigerians have died unnecessarily.due to economic woes and harsh policies of the APC led Federal Government.

“Many Nigerians have been subjected into unavoidable deaths because of the economic woes, the government of APC, under Bola Ahmed Tinubu unjustly unleashed to them.

His administration has brought excruciating pains to Nigerians. For me and my family, we are thanking God that we are alive by surviving the one year and we pray God, we will survive the remaining years of his administration.

“My honest and passionate analysis of Tinubu’s one year in office is that the government is a big failure when it comes to economy, the nation’s economy have completely crumbled.

Some people said Nigeria is failing. No !, Nigeria has failed, it was failing under President Muhammadu Buhari but under Tinubu’s one year in office it has completely failed.

“Talking about insecurity, till today, people are randomly killed and massacred across Nigeria by insurgents, Boko Haram, Hausa Fulani herds men, unknown gun men, terrorists of different names and nomenclature with inimical activities, while our security agencies are doing little or nothing to curb these wide spread of insecurities.

” Nigeria as a whole is under terrorists siege and we have a President who has not done anything meaningful.

Today, the Dollar has noose dived again even when they told us that they have the midas touch to address the inflationary trends. The nation’s inflation rate is escalating every day. Dollar as at today Wednesday 29/05/2024 is 1,620( one thousand six hundred and twenty Naira). We are not producing, we are only consuming and that was what Mr. Peter Obi warned Nigerians, that if it continues like this, Nigeria will be one of the failed countries of the world.

” Until we turn our economy from consumption to production, we will have nothing to celebrate. In all certainties, the administration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu has not done anything that calls for celebration in Nigeria.

In the educational sector, it’s a big mess. Look at how his government is going front and back with the organized labour on minimum wage within the level of hyper inflation and bad economy. It doesn’t behoove the government to see the need to sincerely respond to this demand of the Organized Labour for a commensurate minimum wage increase .

“They are still proposing sixty thousand Naira, while a bag of rice is above N70,000 . The implication is that, a worker in Nigeria cannot use his one month salary to buy a bag of rice. How much is garri today ? How much is other food items ?. How much are petroleum products ?. What is the state of power supply in Nigeria ?.

” Honestly, Nigerians are suffering, people should stop these sycophancies and tell the Presidency the big truth, that Nigerians are suffering,this has nothing to do with political party sentiment.

” If President Ahmed Tinubu had done well, we in the opposition political parties will commend him, but he has not done well because there are evidences that Nigerians are suffering and angry with this administration”, he insisted.

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