OPM Study Abroad Scholarship Scheme beneficiaries get letters

Photo:The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministry (OPM) Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere presenting an admission letter to one of the beneficiaries Nweke Anita, a graduate of Kwame Nkruma University, Ghana who is going abroad for her master’s program.  

Joy and excitements rented the air as 78 beneficiaries of the study abroad scholarship scheme, fully financed by the Port Harcourt faith based outfit; Omega Power Ministry (OPM) received their admission letters.

The event which was held on Wednesday morning at the residence of the general overseer of the ministry, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere saw another ten lucky people picked for all expense paid Work and Live in Poland Scheme.

The Clergy, while addressing them said he derived joy spending on education because it is the best legacy to bequeath for the younger ones and a surest way to avert poverty.

Apostle Chinyere opined that: “success and wealth is not about what you have in your bank account, but how many lives you’re able change with that money in your account, and that is what true success is”.

“My dream is to pull as many people that are down up, so when am no more, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer and all these people from different field of endevours can come out and say; it was through OPM that I become what I am today, and that is why we are putting in so much into helping those who cannot afford education, and not those who could afford it”.

While explaining how his ministry generates funds to finance such huge projects, The clergy reiterated that the church does not get any foreign aid or support from anywhere, all are from the offerings and tithes, adding that though there are people that partner with the church.

“I want to use this medium to pass this message to our partners, as they can see that I don’t use the proceed from their partnership to buy private jet for myself, but using it to touch the lives of the people, and I know the more, I’m doing this, the more God will be blessing me”, said the man of God.

He clarified that most of the beneficiaries are not church members, “we announced and they all came and write our exams, and the successful one are shortlisted with the aid of our reliable partner, Ufitfly that had been assisting the ministry to realize this dream through their uprightness and professionalism in handling this scholarship scheme”.

Apostle Chinyere however enjoined the beneficiaries to lift others up, as God is using OPM to lift them up, saying that was why they picked them from the less privileged background, so they can help other members of the family.

“I do not expect anything from you in return as God has blessed me well, but It is going to be a disaster, if you’re lifted up, and you failed to lift others around you, then you will go down, the best way to continue going up, is to be lifting others up as well”, the man of God enthused.

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