Queen Vee Chess Academy helping IDP kids to play and learn

There is a programme going on in Adamawa State called Chess for Kids in IDP Camps.

It is all about teaching and training kids that were internally displaced due to insurgency in North East of Nigeria in many ways.

The lady behind the programme, Vivian Ibrahim says she is using the game of Chess to develop the mental capacity of these children.

Vivian says, “For me, it is about using Chess to help them through situations of uncertainty. It is to occupy their minds in a positive way and to give them access to opportunities in life in especially in Adamawa State and invariably anywhere possible in Nigeria.”

 The IDP Camps programme started early this year, but before then, the Queen Vee Chess Academy in Yola had been teaching a lot of  children how to play the game of  chess. Queen Vee had also been organizing chess tournaments in Yola and environs in Adamawa State.

Many of these kinds of programmes run by Non Governmental Organisations usually have sponsors backing them up financially to enable them reach their major goals but it is not yet so with Lady Vivian and she has to continually deep into her pocket to keep her pet projects going. The only other way for now is when friends and family members step forward financially for her.

“The sponsorship is from my pocket and also donations from family and friends,” Vivian, a beauty pageant winner explains.

Vivian did not just appear on the scene. She has working in every way to make her life goals possible. She has a Masters degree in Computer Science and started lecturing in Computer Science at the Adamawa State Polytechnic in 2018.

“I lost the job though in 2019 due to change of government. But I have moved strongly due a lot other things for myself. I make perfumes and hair cream and they are selling well among other things,” she explains.

And Queen Vee is doing all she can to get those kids in Adamawa well motivated.

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