Tiffany-Annabelle Davies: Good, Bad, Crazy


Presenting “Good, Bad, Crazy: An Artistic odyssey by Tiffany-Annabelle a remarkable artist with Delta roots, who has forged a unique path in the art world.

Tiffany-Annabelle’s “Good, Bad, Crazy”, which is curated by Addie Mak, is an artistic narrative that transcends boundaries and invites you to explore Nigeria through her artistic lens. This immersive experience, hosted at the concept store in Lekki called 30s, is not just an art installation; it’s a cultural revelation that captivates and enlightens.

At its core, “Good, Bad, Crazy” is a profound exploration of Nigeria’s intricate emotions and rich diversity. It unfolds as an awe-inspiring map of Nigeria, not merely a geographical representation, but a canvas pulsating with feelings. The pivotal question posed is, “What does it feel like to live in Nigeria?” The map invites members of the public to adorn it with an array of colorful stickers, resulting in a symbol of the multifaceted emotional landscape of the nation, encompassing the good, the bad, and the utterly crazy. Each visitor contributes to the masterpiece, turning the map into a breathtaking mosaic of emotions, an embodiment of Nigeria’s collective spirit.

“Good, Bad, Crazy” goes beyond the art installation; it unveils an exclusive T-shirt collection, not as mere merchandise, but wearable art. These unisex tees feature humorous Nigerian sayings, encapsulating the nation’s spirit and wit. Available in just two sizes, small and large, they become more than attire; they are collectibles, artworks to be cherished.

This is a different artistic dimension for the artist; it’s a profound exploration of Nigeria’s cultural identity, emotions, and humor. Tiffany- Annabelle’s art is an investment, a conversation starter, and a testament to the beauty and complexity of Nigeria.

And here’s the kicker – “Good, Bad, and Crazy” is a limited-time affair, gracing the art scene for just one week, starting in early November. This exclusivity adds an element of rarity that appeals to collectors and investors alike.

Opening- Thursday November 2nd 2023

For updates please check instagram page @thetiffanyannabelle and @thirteez.stores

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