Tiffany-Annabelle Shows Unfiltered Reality of Nigeria in Deconstruction of Coat of Arms

Tiffany-Annabelle: Behind the Coat

29th October – 10th November 2022

 In her second Nigerian solo exhibition, Tiffany-Annabelle takes apart the Nigerian Coat of Arms to reveal her interpretation of the current state of Nigeria. Through the deconstruction of this emblem of national prosperity, Tiffany-Annabelle uncovers its inconsistency with Nigeria’s current condition.

This exhibition entitled “Behind the Coat” begins on October 29th at Miliki, Victoria Island. Tiffany-Annabelle explores this idea, screen-printing with acrylics on canvas, all while maintaining her signature style in the use of triangles. Although she enters new territory in terms of her medium, she vastly explores the dichotomy between national excellence and a struggling nation by using the Coat of Arms as a metaphor.

The exhibition’s name aptly describes what Tiffany-Annabelle does in this exhibition. Her thorough breakdown of certain elements of the Coat of Arms reveals the nation’s failure to keep to its mission. Furthermore this exhibit is the first time the artist is having an activity piece with the public’s participation. Tiffany-Annabelle has set up a statement wall with the title “A President Should Be:” This statement invites  all viewers to write out one quality they think a president should have.

Overall in this collection, Tiffany-Annabelle portrays the frustrations of Nigerians and the sentiments that the national symbols appear to seem meaningless. There is always an underlying message of hope with the works including the activity wall whereby we hear the collective voices of what the people want in a President.

Thus, Tiffany-Annabelle’s pieces portray resilience by being raw and relatable to those that share the same national identity. Altogether, Tiffany-Annabelle’s message of possibility echoes loudly through the 10 pieces in this collection.

Tiffany-Annabelle’s work in Behind the Coat has a solid stance in pointing out the moral issues in Nigerian society. Other themes including strength, dignity, and beauty are visible in her employment of certain elements of the Coat of Arms in her work. Altogether, Tiffany-Annabelle acknowledges the flaws and strengths of the country and its people by evoking emotion through an often overlooked emblem.

About Tiffany-Annabelle:

Tiffany-Annabelle is a Nigerian artist of Itshekiri heritage. Tiffany-Annabelle is a self-taught artist who received a degree in Law from the University of Surrey, UK. She started drawing at the age of six and has also explored creative graphic design, being self-taught in Photoshop and Illustrator. She recently started pursuing art full-time and has since sold-out her debut exhibition entitled MissAligned.

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