We’ve Got You Offer: How MultiChoice is lending helping hand to customers

With the novel corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic ravaging the world currently, the global populace is being threatened by an unseen enemy. Millions of individuals have within just four months fallen ill, with some, sadly, passing away.

The pandemic has compelled the world to accept a new forced reality. Lockdown orders have been declared by governments globally, businesses have been partially or fully shut, schools, places of worship and recreational centres have been closed, and social movement and interaction have been replaced by the concept called social or physical distancing, as part of measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Following these poignant occurrences and forced closure, businesses have had to reevaluate their operations and come up with new strategies to meet up with customers’ expectations during the pandemic. With the lockdown spanning over one month, there is an inevitability about the declining purchasing power and, as such, goods and service providers are, therefore, attempting to cushion the impact the economic disruption may have had on customers. For example, some internet service providers in some countries have waived data fees and internet data cap for home broadband internet users, a couple of eateries and online food vendors have now resorted to home delivery of meals, while some traditional and online media outlets have removed the paywall on their websites to allow readers to access the latest news on COVID-19. Also, some pharmacies have commenced the delivery of medication to patients at their homes for a discount, while gym centres have upload training regimes online for fitness buffs at discounted rates.

The readjustment situation for businesses are no different in Nigeria. The major telecom companies are providing Nigerians with nine free SMS daily, with some also giving a discount on data prices; some microfinance banks have allowed for moratorium on loans. All these are aside from the donations of funds, medical supplies and food items by individuals and organisations to the Federal and state governments in support of the country’s effort to contain the pandemic in Nigeria.

All the above-mentioned efforts demonstrate the ability and importance of business ventures to understand the plight endured by human beings during this unprecedented period and, more important, assist them in any way they can. One company that continuously support its customers over the years and provides quality service is MultiChoice Nigeria. Earlier in the year, the pay-TV operator launched “Step Up” campaign for its DStv and GOtv customers. The campaign provided customers on both platforms with an opportunity to pay on current viewing package and get upgraded to the next package to have access to quality local and international programming content. This was a special gift for DStv and GOtv customers not only to begin the New Year by viewing their favourite programmes but get to even experience great entertainment they normally would not have seen while on lower packages.

Following the global pandemic and the need for all customers need to remain updated on the current reports and trends across the world, MultiChoice has answered the clarion call once again with the We’ve Got You campaign.

The We’ve Got You campaign, which runs from 20 April to 30 June, offers active and disconnected DStv and GOtv customers the opportunity to enjoy discounts of up to 44 per cent for DStv customers and 75 per cent for GOtv customers, and get upgraded to the next viewing package when they pay on their current package. It is an opportunity for customers to pay their subscription now and even get a wider access to the best of the latest news, local movies, sports, drama series, kiddies and general entertainment on pay-television.

For this campaign, active and disconnected DStv customers on Compact Plus, Compact, Confam, Family, Yanga and Access packages will be rewarded during this campaign via DStv Thanksonce they renew their subscription.

DStv Compact Plus customers get to pay their current subscription fee of N10,650 and will be upgraded to DStv Premium, the platform’s top package. Content available to these subscribers include a brand-new movie on M-Net (channel 101), great talk shows on Comedy Central and free access to Showmax to view the best of series. For DStv Compact subscribers, they will be elevated to DStv Compact Plus package when they pay their current subscription rate of N6,800. Upon upgrade, subscribers in this category will be able to access Insecure on 1Magic (Channel 103) and the new reality television shows, Mercy and Ike and Judging Matters, on Africa Magic Showcase.

Local series such as Unbroken will be available to DStv Confam subscribers when they pay their subscription fee of N4,500 and get upgraded to DStv Compact. Customers on DStv Family package who pay their current subscription rate of N4,000 will be given DStv Confam package. On offer for these subscribers include movies and TV shows on TNT Africa and international dramas on BET.

DStv Yanga customers who pay their current N2,500 fee will, in turn, get DStv Confam package. Quality African entertainment is provided for these subscribers as brand-new local shows and series on TNT Africa and international dramas on BET will be aired. For DStv Access customers who pay N2,000, they will be boosted to DStv Yanga to view the finest of Nollywood on Africa Magic Epic, ROK 2 & Ebony Life.

Similarly, GOtv has got it covered for all its active and disconnected customers on Jolli, Plus, Jinja, Value and Lite packages.

Customers on GOtv Jolli will be upgraded to GOtv Max, the platform’s premium package, and get access to over 75 channels when they pay their current subscription rate of N2,400. These subscribers will view programmes such as Halita and Mercy and Ikeon Africa Magic Family, and fascinating programmes on Discovery ID, Cartoon Network and more. GOtv Plus subscribers will also benefit when they pay their current fee of N1,900 and get boosted to GOtv Jolli. Channels available to these subscribers include CBS Reality, Fox and Da Vinci.

Programmes on channels such as CBS Reality, Fox and Da Vinci will be available to GOtv Jinja customers when they renew their subscription fee at N1,600 and get upgraded to GOtv Jolli. Also, customers on GOtv Value and GOtv Lite packages will get upgraded to GOtv Jinja when they pay their current subscription rates of N1,250 and N400 respectively. On offer for these subscribers include programmes on Africa Magic Epic, Real Time and PBS Kids.

The offer is open to all active or disconnected customers on any of these DStv packages: DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Confam, Family, Yanga and Access. Also, customers on these GOtv packages: GOtv Jolli, GOtv Plus, GOtv Jinja, Value and Lite packages, are eligible for this offer.

For more information, visit www.dstvafrica.com and www.gotvafrica.com. Also, download the MyDStv app or MyGOtv app from the iOS and Android store for self-service option.

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