Yucateco signs ground breaking MoU’s with Benin, Togo Boxing Federations

As part of its desire to expand the development of amature boxing in Africa. Yucateco boxing promotions have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on grassroot boxing development with the Republic of Benin and Togo.

The MoU were signed in Lomé and Cotonou after a meeting between the executives of Yucateco Boxing Promotions and the boxing federations of both countries.

President of the Togolese’ Boxing Federation, Dr. Jules Mawusse Kpokpo, said they are excited about the partnership with Yucateco boxing promotions as it will expose boxers in the country to greater opportunities leveraging on the yucateco structure.

” I am happy that this is happening in my time as President of the Togolese’ Boxing Federation ; collaboration of this nature is what is needed to grow the sports on the continent and we are happy that an outfit like Yucateco has taken the lead”

On her part, President of the Benin Republic Boxing Federation Mrs. Santos Epse Edith, said it’s a new dawn for amature boxing on the continent following the imminent gains from the partnership with Yucateco boxing outfit.

”The coming months will be even more interesting by the time plans are set in motion, consistent bouts for these young boxer will put them in a better place just like their international counterparts in Europe and other parts of the world”

”we are happy that our country has been found worthy of this life changing boxing project, I want to assure you that we would do all in our powers to sustain this partnership”

The MoU with Yucateco boxing promotions has brought about a monthly boxing championship tagged ”The Yucateco Pan-African Boxing Championship” which will be staged in Togo, Benin, Ghana and a few other West African countries.

The Championship will produce twelve winners across different weight categories. Winners will in return defend their titles in the succeeding months.

The Chief Executive Officer of Yucateco boxing promotions, Omonlei Yakubu Imadu, said the new Pan-African Boxing Championship will commence in June 2024 with the aim to broaden the scope of amature boxing development in the continent.

” We’re are focused on raising a new generation of boxers not only in Nigeria but in the entire African continent hence the need for the Yucateco Pan-African Boxing Championship.
“We will be collaborating with several African nations in the coming months the same way we have done with Togo and Benin Republic.

“Believe me sincerely, this project will transform the phase of boxing in Africa in a few years time. We are passionate and excited about what is to come”.

Meanwhile, President of the Togolese’ Boxing Federation Dr. Jules Mawusse Kpokpo, and boxing promoter Mr. Adoukonou Hugues Edgard, have been appointed as the sole Commissioners of Yucateco boxing promotions in Togo and Benin Republic respectively.

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