Bullet Basketball Open Tournament Excites Abuja Residents

Abuja residents are excited with the on – going basketball open tournament powered by Bullet energy drink.

The tournament which started on Monday is parading talented basketball players and it has been a delight watching these players dunking and slaming on the basketball court at the package b Complex  of MKO Abiola stadium in Abuja.


In the results of some of the games played on Wednesday, TNT narrowly lost 43 – 44 to Glisten. Defender were too strong for KOK after beating them 41 – 25,.while Hotcoal were 36-28 better than Titians.


Below are the results of games played on Wednesday.

Tnt 43 : 44 Glisten

Kok 25 : 41 Defender

Hotcoal 36 : 28 Titans

Buzzer 45:42 City Stars

Apo 21:48 Prison

Nile 45: 42 Hardrockers.


After three days of action on the court. Prison basketball team are dictating the pace in Group A with 6 points, while Nile University basketball team are doing same with 6points in Group B.

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