Fagboyinbo Fass wins Oba ASK Makinde coronation golf tourney

Fagboyinbo Fass, a member of Ekiti Golf Club has emerged winner of the recently held golf kitty held at MicCom Golf Ada in Osun State as part of activities celebrating the coronation of Owa of Igbajo, Oba ASK Makinde after finishing with a remarkable 67 net.

His outstanding performance earned him the top prize at the tournament, marking a significant achievement in his golfing career.
The crowd erupted in applause as Mr. Fass was declared the winner of the Owa of Igbajo, Oba ASK Makinde coronation kitty.
Speaking during the prize presentations, Fass expressed his gratitude to the organizers and his fellow golfers for the opportunity to compete in such a prestigious tournament while thanking his caddie and golf Coach for their tremendous support and guidance, which had helped him to achieve this remarkable feat.
The victory at the tournament was a testament to Mr Fass’s hard work and dedication to his craft. saying “tt was a fitting reward for my commitment to the sport, as i used to spend countless hours on the golf course, honing my skills and perfecting my game.”
As he celebrated his win with family and friends, Fass looked forward to the future with renewed optimism and a stronger determination to continue improving his game. The Owa of Igbajo, Oba ASK Makinde Coronation’s kitty had been a significant milestone in his golfing journey, and he was excited to see what the future holds.

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