Limitless grace evangelism ministry holds end of the year retreat

Photo: Pastor Adeniyi in a group photo with members of the ministry

The need for believers to reach out and save perishing souls through sustained evangelism was emphasized On Friday in Abuja.
Mr. Sunday Adeniyi, the Zonal Pastor in charge of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Overcomers Zone, Nasarawa Province 3, made the call on the occasion of the end of year retreat/love feast of the Limitless Grace Evangelism Ministry based in Abuja.
Admonishing members to be steadfast in winning souls, Pastor Adeniyi said it was for that cause that Christ came to earth and gave his life.
“Our Lord Jesus Christ died so that we might be saved. He endured suffering and all manner of indignities just so that he would reconcile us with our father in heaven from whom we had become estranged through sin.
As an evangelist you must be ready, like Christ, to endure pain and suffering. Many will call you names, provoke you and belittle you; others may even threaten to harm you but you must remain committed to the task of soul winning. Always remember that Christ didn’t promise us a smooth sail. On the contrary, he warned us to expect hostility from the world but encouraged us to be courageous because he had overcome on our behalf,” Pastor Adeniyi said.
The RCCG Overcomers Zone head pastor whose sermon was titled, “Evangelism, Follow Up and Discipleship, told members of the ministry that it was not enough winning souls; he emphasized that the souls won must be encouraged to remain in the faith through a process of follow up, which entails keeping regularly contact with them and not only that, by making disciples of them through a mentoring process that includes bible study and prayer.
“For every soul he loses, the Devil will fight tooth and nail to bring back to his fold. That is why you should not consider your task complete when you have won souls for the Kingdom of God. You must maintain regular contact with the new convert, mentor and disciple him and where possible, meet his material needs because they have a bearing on how he responds to situations,” Pastor Adeniyi said.
Earlier, Deaconess Joy Okosieme, the coordinator of the group in her address, said the ministry was totally committed to the task of soul winning, which she said is so dear to the heart of God that he allowed his only begotten son to come to earth and die for sinners.
“Evangelism is the supreme task of every believer. It doesn’t matter the particular ministry to which you are called, your primary goal as a Christian is to help save others as you have been saved. In this ministry, we are 100 percent committed to soul winning and we will continue to do so through the leading of the Holy Spirit,” Evangelist Okosieme said.
Shedding light on establishment of the ministry, she said it began in 2016 as a solo effort but that through the help of God, the ministry had grown to include to include several women who are doing the Lord’s work with passion and commitment.
The Limitless Grace Evangelical Ministry is a non-denominational group of Christians called to preach the Good News of the Gospel. Its core mission is to reconcile God’s estranged children to Him through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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