Man sues three women for helping ex-wife get abortion demands N750 million in damages

A Texas man, Marcus Silva, is suing three women for helping his now-ex-wife obtain pills to have an abortion last year.

According to a report by, Silva is seeking a whooping $1m (about N750m) as damages.

The lawsuit says under Texas law, “a person who assists a pregnant woman in obtaining a self-managed abortion has committed the crime of murder”.

Marcus Silva’s lawsuit heavily relies on text messages between his ex-wife and the three women.

It is the first such lawsuit in the state since the Supreme Court quashed constitutional abortion protections.

Silva’s ex-wife’s friends allegedly texted her information about Aid Access, an international group that provides abortion medication by mail.

Text messages reveal Mr Silva’s ex-wife was concerned he would try to make her stay with him if he learned about the pregnancy.

One of the women dropped off the pills to Mr Silva’s ex-wife, the lawsuit says.

The legal action claims the drug manufacturer will also be named as a defendant once they are identified.

There is also a conspiracy charge against the women – the lawsuit alleges they told Mr Silva’s ex-wife to hide the pregnancy and their text messages about the baby from him.

Mr Silva’s former wife is not named as a defendant – under Texas law, a pregnant person is exempt from prosecution.

They have two daughters together, according to the lawsuit.

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