Probe: FIFA president, Infantino talks tough, says I have done nothing illegal

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has claimed there are no “factual grounds” for the ongoing criminal proceedings against him in a letter to member federations.

Infantino wrote to the 211 members following the opening of proceedings against him last month, as reported by AFP

He said his meetings with Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber “were in no way secret and most certainly not illegal” and the investigation against him had no “factual grounds”.

“I went to these meetings with the most senior law officer in the country in order to offer our full support and assistance in connection with the ongoing investigations because FIFA has an interest and is a damaged party in these investigations,” he said. 

A special prosecutor was appointed in July to investigate the dealings between Lauber and the head of football’s world governing body. 

Lauber denied any wrongdoing but offered to resign after a Swiss Court concluded he covered up meetings with Infantino and lied to supervisors while his office probed corruption surrounding FIFA.

Earlier this month, FIFA revealed Infantino would not step down from his role as President and said “nothing remotely criminal has happened”.

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